Collection: Xikar Accessories

Need a cutter? How about a lighter? Even a way to carry your cigars when you are out and about?  We got you covered with some of our favorite Xikar products.
28 products
  • Xikar Meridian Triple Soft Flame Lighter
  • Xikar Travel Humidor
  • Xikar VX2 V-Cutter
  • Xikar Ash Can
  • Xikar X8 Cutter
  • Xikar XO Cutter
  • Xikar M8 Metal Body Straight Cutter
  • Xikar Xi3 Cutter
  • Xikar Xi2 Cutter
  • Xikar Flash Single Flame
  • Xikar Xidris Single Flame
  • Xikar PuroTemp Wireless Digital Hygrometer
  • Xikar Punch
  • Xikar VX V cutter
  • Xikar Xi1 Cutter
  • Xikar Envoy 3 Cigar Case